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Fri 11 of May, 2007 00:02 PDT

*pokes blog*

Wow... that's a long time since the last update. Personally I blame Puzzle Quest (external link).

Lately I've been working on resurrecting the old parser generator I wrote for my honours project many years ago . It needed a few updates to bring it up to the current C++ spec, and since then I've been fixing up a few of the many little issues that make the difference between a prototype and a production system.

The main reason I started doing this is that I needed a frontend for the assembly encoder/decoder generator that I was (in turn) writing to support lxdream (external link) development. And to be perfectly honest, using yacc/lex is rather like pulling teeth after having had (the persistently inaccurately named) ELR[0] to play with. Plus, the grammar I had in mind pretty much required its automagic parser-state-based lexical-context abilities.

At the moment I'm tidying up a bunch of string and buffering issues in the skel code, and then I'll probably do a point release and get on with the assembly stuff for a while. It would be good to get elr to the point where it's a feasible replacement for yacc/lex for everyone though, so I'm certainly intending to get back to it in the future.

Oh, and in other somewhat out-of-date news we have a spoodle (external link) (don't blame me for the jacket...)

[0] It was originally intended to do both minimal-state LR(1), and EBNF - hence the name. I never had time during the original development phase though, but the name stuck nonetheless. Said features may make it in yet though, albeit probably not the first release version.

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