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Tue 12 of Sep., 2006 18:17 PDT

Goals for Milestone 2

Tags:  lxdream

Originally I had M2 specced for August - obviously that didn't happen (in fact M1 barely made the end of June) and the this month has been rather busy with personal stuff (ie moving house). On the bright side lxdream has made some pretty big strides in its PVR2 support, but not much else has been changed significantly yet; I don't think there's enough to warrant a new release at present.

So... I'm aiming for an M2 at end of October at present, with the overall goal of getting some arbitrary game to come up and be at least somewhat playable. I've tagged the following bugs (on top of what's already done since M1) for M2 as well:

  • Preliminary SH4 dynamic translation/recompilation (Bug #bug:14?)
  • Get the AICA command port hooked up (Bug #bug:15?)
  • Implement the audio IDE commands (Bug #bug:17?)
  • Implement native CD driver (Bug #bug:19?)

If there's any time left in the month, probably knock over some more rendering issues as well.

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Nathan is a full-time software engineer and part-time maintainer of several pieces of open-source software that noone has even heard of (most notably lxdream and elr). His interests include programming language design, distributed systems, emulation, Japanese, and go.