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Mon 12 of Dec., 2005 02:59 PST

ARM disassembler hooked up

Tags:  lxdream

Hooked the basic ARM disasm up into the GUI over the weekend, fixing a few minor issues along the way. Haven't actually tried the ARM core yet (I know it still needs serious work), but the disassembly is at least looking reasonably rational. The initial program load is basically an idle loop, but it loads (and tries to execute) a real program later on in the boot process.

Next items on the todo list:

  • Implement state save/load (So I don't have to sit through the whole boot process all the time)
  • Get the ARM core to the stage where it will at least execute the idle loop biggrin
  • Hook up the ARM core to the GUI
  • Add an ARM-standalone mode to just run the sound chip (for dev purposes)
  • Start working through the AICA registers
  • Implement the SPUDMA
  • Start working through the PVR registers (for a completely different issue)

At least with the AICA/ARM I have a nice standalone program to work through for starters, specifically the S3M player in KOS (external link), and probably others.

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