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Sat 22 of Oct., 2005 07:56 PDT

More research

Tags:  genealogy

I finished copying the remainder of my notes from last weekend into Gramps (external link) today, and starting trying to see what I could follow up on online. (as well as track what I need to look for tomorrow when I visit the library). I actually got a really nice hit on Elizabeth Caroline Glover (external link) right off the bat (and I wasn't even looking for her, but most of my other ancestors are proving tougher nuts to crack.

My current goal is to track all of my ancestors on Mum's side back to the point they entered Australia. If I can manage that, I might see how far back I can take the Crane and Coben lines. There's also the Keynes side too, of course, if I can get some interest from other members of my family on that side.

Btw, some useful resources if anyone else is trying to do this kind of thing:

  • Family Search (external link) - Genealogical library run by the LDS. Among other resources includes the complete British 1881 census.
  • FreeBMD (external link) - UK Births/Deaths/Marriages index from 1837. Doesn't have a lot of details, but it's a hell of a starting point for UK ancestors.
  • General Register Office (external link) - UK BDM registry, with online ordering.
  • Genuki (external link) UK and Ireland Genealogy. Massive starting point

Why yes, I do seem to have quite a few UK ancestors. Locally the best sources I've found to be the Queensland Pioneers Index/Queensland Federation Index, neither of which are online unfortunately.

Current status:
  • Crane: William Jasper Crane, 1867, Norfolk, UK [Waiting on verification]
  • Glover: Richard Glover, 1847, Kent, UK
  • Mann: In progress. Unfortunately a common name.
  • Lorraway: Stuck. Possibly Loraway, both spellings seem to have been used.
  • Coben: Josiah Coben, 1847, Norfolk, UK
  • Wainhouse: Martha Ann Wainhouse 1855, Halifax, UK [Need to verify]
  • Anderson: Stuckish.
  • Birtwell: In progress
  • Guest: Uncertain of the spelling as it's appeared as Gueast, Guest, Guiast... Pending.

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