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Tue 02 of Aug., 2005 05:49 PDT

A night at the opera

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I spent the best part of yesterday evening attending the "Inside the Tardis" (external link) Doctor Who (external link) special at the brisbane convention centre (external link). I was initially a little worried that it was going to be terribly dull, flat, and otherwise uninteresting, but fortunately Tim Ferguson (external link) did eventually shut up and bring the guests out.

Katy Manning (external link) was up first, followed by Colin Baker (external link) and Sylvester McCoy (external link). They did a bit of an "interview" with each - Colin Baker was amusing, but Sylvester McCoy was completely off the wall, like some kind of Scottish Robin Williams (external link). Perhaps too dead-pan for some parts of the audience - he was forced to postfix many of his yarns with "I'm lying!", as apparently they were taking him a little too seriously...

There followed then a "radio play" (purportedly written by the great Kate Orman (external link)), which was hysterical, and eventually a general question and answer session; Best answer: in response to a generic question about whether the doctor's had done much reading up on science before taking on the part, Colin Baker launches into a spiel about time, space, moebius strips and quantum entanglement. Following which Sylvester McCoy attempted to "demonstrate" these principles by thwapping Colin with an elastic strap...) 2nd best answer: Sylvester McCoy was asked if he would be able to play the 6th doctor (earlier comment that he did do this, albeit briefly, in his first episode) - he agreed and proceded to take out the spoons, and "play" Colin with them.

Definitely a good night out, in any case. Still, was surprised there weren't more costumes in evidence grin (just a couple of scarves, and one question-mark vest)

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