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Statistics (based on data from Metacritic (external link), numbers do include downloadable content):
The Xbox 360 has 319 games of which 227 are unique (do not appear on PS3/Wii) (71.1% unique)
The PS3 has 118 games of which 41 are unique (do not appear on XBOX/Wii) (34.7% unique)
For unique games rated 75% or better, XBOX has 89 (39.2% of uniques), PS3 has 18 (43.9 % of uniques)
At an 85% cutoff, XBOX has 19 (7.8%) and PS3 has 5 (12.2%)
Big win for XBOX

PS3: Tekken 5 (external link)
XBOX: DOA4 (external link)
We'll call that one a tie, although personally I'm not a big fan of the Tekken series.

PS3: Singstar
XBOX: ???
One for PS3

Top-rated exclusive:
PS3: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (external link) or Ratchet & Clank (external link) (89)
XBOX: Bioshock (external link) (96)
Win for XBOX

PS3 40Gb: $AUD699
XBOX 20Gb: $AUD549
Definite win for XBOX

Runs linux:
PS3: Officially yes, but no GPU access.
XBOX: Officially no. Software hack exists for specific kernel versions.
Win for PS3

Sony: Secretly installed rootkits (external link) on customers' computers (not noticeably punished for it).
Microsoft: Convicted (external link) monopolist (external link) (not noticeably punished for it).
Hmm, tied again.

Looks like the xbox is ahead at the moment...

In unrelated news, Super Mario Galaxy (external link) is awesomely great cool. Although not part of this comparison it's interesting to note that the Wii has 94 exclusives out of 135 total titles (69.6%) tracking closely with the xbox, but has fewer top-ranked uniques - 19 (20.2%) at 75% and only 6 (6.38%) at 85% or better. In keeping with tradition, 6 of the top 10 are first-party Nintendo product.

FWIW: On a non-exclusive basis, 15 titles are XBOX/WII, 51 titles are PS3/XBOX, and 26 titles are fully cross-platform. There are no titles at all that are PS3/WII.

This has been your useless post of the day biggrin

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