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Tue 06 of Dec., 2005 04:35 PST

Crashing and burning

Tags: geekiness

Bad: Your computer hangs
Worse: While you're in the middle of upgrading your libc
Worst: On reboot the kernel panics with "Unable to find init" and halts.

Thank debian for rescue discs... I think it's mostly back to normal now. Silly machine. And to think I was just trying to upgrade a few things...

Mon 05 of Dec., 2005 01:39 PST

Weekend busyness

Kathy at her new desk

We went furniture shopping on Saturday down at Super Amart (external link), with the consequent purchase of a study desk for Kathy (external link) and a replacement futon for the couch (the old one getting a wee bit dagged, as these things do). Unsurprisingly the rest of the day was spent assembling the desk, and generally rearranging the living room to fit the new desk.

On Sunday it was my turn, and we took a little trip down the coast to pick up a new (well second-hand, anyway) printer (external link), as well as to spend a little time on the beach. Although it turned out that by the time we got down there and finished being lost, we only had about half an hour before we had to turn around. The printer did turn out to be about twice as big as I'd anticipated (through the fine art of not fully reading the description - it's officially been christened bigheavyprinter), but it's pretty nifty, and does A3 and duplexing, so I'll be using it for family tree graphs and the like.

I've also finally hooked the dreamcast up again, and am just itching to do some work upon it biggrin
Wed 30 of Nov., 2005 04:26 PST

New feature: Blog categories

Tags: website

I figured it was about time to start categorizing my ramblings on this blog, if for no other than than to allow the 3 people[0] who are actually reading this to skip to the bits they might be interested in. I've also gone back and categorized the latest few pages worth of posts (ie back to the end of 2002).

Anyway that's all done now (to a first approximation), although I'll have to add a category search/count at some point, kind of like WordPress (external link) does. Also fixed the "permalink" post display so it looks the same as the regular version.

Category stats to date:

Website 18
Geekiness 14
Dreamcast 13
Programming 7
Genealogy 5
Personal 1
Mass media 1
Travel 1
Random Musings 1
Uncategorized 192

[0] According to the UA logs (which I turned on the other day while dealing with the spammer), I have 2 subscribers from Bloglines (external link) and 1 person using Liferea (external link) accessing the rss feed.

Mon 21 of Nov., 2005 20:19 PST

Some people, really

Previously there was a little button on blog posts on this site that allowed users to send an email to someone to alert them to a topic of interest. Now, this probably should have required the user to login, but since the only input to the page was the email address to send a notification to, the possibilities for abuse seemed fairly minor.

That didn't, of course, stop some idiot from trying to send spam through it anyway by filling the address box with link spam. Unsurprisingly, the MTA completely refused to send this anywhere outside of my bounce file, where it remains until I decide what to do with it. In any case, this feature is now disabled (especially since noone was using it anyway).

The attacker appears to have been using a random set of proxies - each hit comes from a different IP address (with some repeating), but the trace as a whole resembles that of a single user (or small numger of users).

[Updated: I originally assumed it was a botnet, but it now appears to be someone abusing insecure but "legitimate" web proxies]

On the bright side, (external link) seems to already have most of the IPs that I'm getting hit from, so I'm going to add a dsbl check in before posting, and reopen non-registered comments on Kathy's blog.

Tue 08 of Nov., 2005 03:51 PST

Yay, finally...

Tags: genealogy

Finally managed to track down the correct death cert for William J Crane. I give up on the birth dates - it seems to be different for every single piece of documentation I have neutral. To sum up, so far:

  • Official birth cert (Unless his parents had 2 William Jaspers): 09 Aug 1867
  • Age 12 as of the 1881 Census (external link) on the 3rd Apr => 1869
  • Age 20 (From the Jumna manifest - this is pretty definite now) as of 12 Dec 1889 => 1869
  • Age 26 when William Richard George Crane was born (21 Jan 1899) => 1872
  • Age 72 at death on the 25 Sep 1945 => 1873

Apparently he just kept getting younger... There was also a brother, Robert Crane, who came out with him, who seems to have been consistently 5 years older.

Edit: Oh, it gets even better... Thomas and Sarah appear to have married last quarter 1866 (freebmd). If Robert was 17 at the census date, he was born in c1864. While not impossible, it seems unlikely, unless he was adopted...
Tue 25 of Oct., 2005 02:19 PDT

1 step forward...

Tags: genealogy

Picked up a couple of certs today, which added a few new tidbits:

Alice Maud Mary Loraway (NOT Lorraway it seems) was born in Jersey (external link) in the Channel Islands (external link), which somewhat explains why I haven't had much luck digging anything up online so far (BMD records don't appear to cover the islands, and the 1881 census is too late). If I end up getting over to the UK in December I'll have to try to make it over to their archives.

William (Jasper) Crane is still a bit of an enigma. According to his son's birth certificate, he was born in "Honiton, Norfolk, England". and was 26 years old as of the 21 Jan 1899. Making his D.O.B circa 1872.
Ok first problem is that Honiton isn't _in_ Norfolk - it's in Devon, at least according to Genuki. So that's a problem to start with.

Secondly, the most likely immigration records I found were
a) Aboard the "Jumna" 12 Dec 1889, age 20, which puts DOB at 1869
b) Aboard the "Light Brigade" 11 Feb 1872, age 2, DOB at 1870
(Of course, it's possible his immigration just isn't listed anywhere. It happens)

And FreeBMD _does_ have a William Jasper Crane from Norfolk (yes, just one), born in 1867, otherwise there's various William Cranes born all over the place with little to distinguish them

William and Robert Crane (external link) in the 1881 census, matching those travelling aboard the Jumna with a pretty high degree of confidence imho. This William has a birthplace of Hoveton (Getting Honiton from that isn't implausible) which is in the district of Tunstead (external link), so This (external link) William Jasper is looking pretty darn likely now to be the individual in question. Except that the years are still off...

I'm going to try to get up to the Gympie Family History Society on the weekend and see if there's any good records up there (they cover Mt Morgan, where that branch of the family lived until Grandad moved up to Mackay)

Sat 22 of Oct., 2005 07:56 PDT

More research

Tags: genealogy

I finished copying the remainder of my notes from last weekend into Gramps (external link) today, and starting trying to see what I could follow up on online. (as well as track what I need to look for tomorrow when I visit the library). I actually got a really nice hit on Elizabeth Caroline Glover (external link) right off the bat (and I wasn't even looking for her, but most of my other ancestors are proving tougher nuts to crack.

My current goal is to track all of my ancestors on Mum's side back to the point they entered Australia. If I can manage that, I might see how far back I can take the Crane and Coben lines. There's also the Keynes side too, of course, if I can get some interest from other members of my family on that side.

Btw, some useful resources if anyone else is trying to do this kind of thing:

  • Family Search (external link) - Genealogical library run by the LDS. Among other resources includes the complete British 1881 census.
  • FreeBMD (external link) - UK Births/Deaths/Marriages index from 1837. Doesn't have a lot of details, but it's a hell of a starting point for UK ancestors.
  • General Register Office (external link) - UK BDM registry, with online ordering.
  • Genuki (external link) UK and Ireland Genealogy. Massive starting point

Why yes, I do seem to have quite a few UK ancestors. Locally the best sources I've found to be the Queensland Pioneers Index/Queensland Federation Index, neither of which are online unfortunately.

Current status:
  • Crane: William Jasper Crane, 1867, Norfolk, UK [Waiting on verification]
  • Glover: Richard Glover, 1847, Kent, UK
  • Mann: In progress. Unfortunately a common name.
  • Lorraway: Stuck. Possibly Loraway, both spellings seem to have been used.
  • Coben: Josiah Coben, 1847, Norfolk, UK
  • Wainhouse: Martha Ann Wainhouse 1855, Halifax, UK [Need to verify]
  • Anderson: Stuckish.
  • Birtwell: In progress
  • Guest: Uncertain of the spelling as it's appeared as Gueast, Guest, Guiast... Pending.

Mon 17 of Oct., 2005 05:03 PDT

Family Research

Tags: genealogy

Spent most of the weekend up in Mackay working through more of the family tree. Filled in a few details here and there (visiting various people and cemetaries), including a few new bits we didn't previously have, most notable the names of my great-great-grandfather's parents (possibly, still need to confirm).

Following up I checked out the Qld Pioneers index (external link) at UQ (external link) this evening, and located a few possible entries for Birtwell and Glover, but nothing for the other branches of the family unfortunately (I say "possible" because it doesn't really have much information to confirm one way or the other). Admittedly the index is limited to pre-1889 - I'll have to locate a copy of the federation index (1890-1914) which might have more info (UQ doesn't appear to have it, but the state library does).

Fri 23 of Sep., 2005 04:01 PDT

ooh... shiny!

My new toy (external link). Apparently it finally arrived at the shop today (or at least they managed to find it today), and I've been playing with it all afternoon, oddly enough. While it does tend to the consumer end of the spectrum (as demonstrated by the many "playing assistance" features), the keyboard itself is solid, with a good touch to it. The built-in presets are also quite decent, at least for the ones I care about. So basically I have no excuse now for not doing more practice biggrin. Just need to pick up a sustain pedal...

On the downside, connectivity turns out to be USB-midi (slave) only, which may limit its use as a controller keyboard[0], should I ever want to do that, but is probably easier for immediate PC use[1].

[0] I'm not 100% sure as to how USB-midi works with multiple instruments, or even if it can _does_ work with multiple instruments.
[1] Come to think of it, I don't think I even have the old MIDI adapter anymore.

Mon 12 of Sep., 2005 03:46 PDT

Family tree

Tags: genealogy

I've been working recently on hacking up a report for Gramps (external link) to do basically a descendant graph but showing spouses as well. It's basically functional now (modulo 1 minor issue) in about 300 lines of python (external link), although it's a little too ugly to contribute just yet - the line layout code need to be more appropriately generalised. Should finish it off soon though.

I sat down with Grandma a couple of weeks back to work out a lot of the tree (at least going back a couple of generations from her), so now I just need to get some good output to pass around grin. My next trick, after I finish this report and separate the graph rendering code a little more cleanly, is probably going to be what for want of another name I shall call a "Pivot" report - basically starting from a particular person/family, show their ancestors + descendants together in a single document.

And then I might get back to the IGD...

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