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Thu 01 of Nov., 2001 06:00 PST

Journal for Thu 01 Nov 2001

Umm... not quite sure where today went.

Wed 31 of Oct., 2001 06:00 PST

Journal for Wed 31 Oct 2001

Pretty much finished off marking my pile of coms3200 assignment 2s at long last (damn that was painful), just need to get around to the last couple of "to hold" ones and send Peter the marks. Naturally the tutorial today was pretty empty, but I suppose that was to be expected. Also collected assignment 3, which at least consumed fewer trees than the earlier ones (I managed to fit them all into one box for a change). Not sure when we're going to mark this one, but Jaga's said she wants it done by the end of swot-vac... (aiee!).

Oh, my Poison DVD arrived in the mail today, to my minor surprise - the mail from Japan seems to be becoming quite efficient these days. Unfortunately the menus have the same blank screen problem in Xine as most of my other Japanese DVDs - this probably shouldn't surprise me, considering they appear to be made by the same authoring firm, but is still annoying. Spent a while trying to see if I could get a handle on what was really going on, not much luck really. I've more or less reached the conclusion that trying to fix any of these problems is going to be futile until the lead guys get around to fixing all the (known) timing problems.

Discovered today that 10:00am is far too late to try to find a park. (in fact, I'd say that trying to find a green-zone park between 10 and 11 is an exercise in pure masochism). I have previously found that parking is still possible at 9:00am, so need to determine the cutoff point. More research is called for, I think.

Also became bored at one point today and wrote down my geek code (external link)... It's over here. Occurred to me that I should really add a "Research Interests" section to that page as well, so I'm trying to work out exactly what those are...

Tue 30 of Oct., 2001 06:00 PST

Journal for Tue 30 Oct 2001

Got out to uni far too early to cover Dana's tut at 10:00. Which is bad enough, but it was also over on the other side of campus in the Business/Commerce district... somehow I always get bad vibes down there smile Was fairly small, only 6 people showed up.

Rest of the day was mostly marking. Need to try and get asst 2 finished so I can return the rest tomorrow. Also spent a few hours trying to simultaneously finish and rehearse my oral for Japanese class (We had to write a letter, and read it out). Apparently I went okay, despite completely fumbling the conjugation of every single adjective...

Got home to discover that my shiny new Utena movie DVD had arrived and was sitting on my desk. Argh! why do these things always get here just as I'm in the middle of marking? Last time it was the Slayers Try set which managed to arrive the day before I had to return assignment 1... It's a conspiracy, I swear. So I haven't actually watched it yet, other than taking a quick look. To my partial astonishment, it actually came close to working perfectly under Xine, other than seeming to switch off the subtitles after each chapter for some reason...

Mon 29 of Oct., 2001 06:00 PST

Journal for Mon 29 Oct 2001

Was supposed to be marking, but Liuy had a very nice digital camera (purportedly on loan from Xiaofang) and took a couple of pictures when I thought she was just adjusting the focus (sneaky!) So it didn't take long before I was cropping one of them to make the pic which now adorns the about page... Somehow that led to updating some of those pages for the first time in almost a year, not least of which was actually putting my honours thesis + code online.

Not certain if that code was the final version, it's just the one with the latest datestamp that I can find. Either way, it'll need some work if anyone ever wants to use it seriously. I probably wouldn't mind cleaning it up sometime for a proper release, but doubt it will ever happen.

I severely doubt anyone will ever read it, but it's there now. More fun was testing a bunch of links on the about page - I think roughly half of them were dead. Replaced them with new links, except for Elend, who I just can't find anything worth replacing it with. (The best I managed with google was a geocities page. In german. Double whammy...)

Sun 28 of Oct., 2001 06:00 PST

Journal for Mon 29 Oct 2001

Picked up the new Tea Party CD on the way to uni, also found the 3rd Nadesico DVD, which has FINALLY made it to the stores (was originally supposed to be out on the 10th...). Been listening to the CD a bit today - wasn't particularly impressed on the first listen, but it's definitely growing on me. I think Cathartik is probably my favourite so far, but we shall see. In any case, the album is now in my permanent playlist.

Tutorial as usual in the afternoon, pretty standard. Kim wanted some help after that, ended up going for one and a half hours. Mostly just guiding through some of the web-server basics. Afterwards IML as usual - we were supposed to be rehearsing, but noone volunteered, so we pretty much just went through last year's exam paper. I think I'm going to have to do a little bit of study - I'm okay with most of it, but for a lot of the translation to Japanese questions I couldn't remember all the nouns...

To my utter astonishment, a copy of "All Beauty is Sad" by Ophelia's Dream went up on eBay today. Buy! Buy! Damn, but I've been looking for that CD for years. Of course, someone will probably outbid me at the last minute, but I can still hope...

I have no idea what I did in the morning, honestly.

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