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Wed 03 of Jan., 2007 16:42 PST Posted by nkeynes
In the end I didn't get much time to do a lot of coding over christmas, but I have gotten a few little tweaks in, along with more unit tests:

The above has gotten me to the title screen on one game I tested, but it hangs there unfortunately. It's also made me acutely aware of the immediate need to have finer-grained timings on at least the display events - plan is to implement sh4-relative one-shot event timers next, and then test/implement the other display modes.

Things are looking promising though - I'm aiming for an end-of-January/early-February M2 release, which should be at the point where other people can start playing with it.

Updated: Said game is trying to use the YUV converter to play video, which means it's hanging because of something not implemented (yet), rather than because something's broken. Just for a change biggrin

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