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Sun 17 of Dec., 2006 22:20 PST Posted by nkeynes
Native linux CD driver is now partially implemented at long last, along with a first cut of the NOP command and the "read status" packet[0] (0x40,0x01). Unfortunately it looks like there's a good bit to be done still in ATAPI-land for normal usage, so I will probably have to keep banging on it for a while. Putting together a test disc at the moment for use in the IDE system tests, which should help as well.

On the bright side, with a couple of exceptions[1] I can now boot every demo/homebrew disc I've tried, so I will start making with the compatibility lists soon.

[0] For want of a better name. It doesn't seem to directly correspond to anything in INF-8020 as far as I can see.
[1] gg_3dEngine.nrg doesn't work for me currently. Then again, I burnt three coasters in a failed attempt to write it to disc, so my copy of the image may be corrupt.

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