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Tue 12 of Dec., 2006 01:52 PST Posted by nkeynes
Although I'm not entirely sure where the last 3 months have gone, as they certainly don't seem to have been particularly productive in any way.

Hong Kong was good (got back last Wednesday), albeit very busy, and my feet are still recovering from all the shopping[0] neutral - HKG may just be the most commercialized city on the planet. Some highlights did include Victoria Peak (external link) and Ngong Ping (external link), both very nice areas (even with the tourist developments).

So... on to some DC stuff. Started doing some serious profiling today, in the interests of maybe getting performance to be less utterly terrible. Fixed a couple of lesser bottlenecks (the _big_ bottleneck being the main sh4_execute_instruction() function) and actually managed to nearly double my framerate. Combined with quartering the SH4 speed and it's nearly usable now (although still less than half speed I would guess). Nice... I doubt I'm going to eke more more speed out of it until the recompiler is done though.

For the interested - when I started profiling, the SH4 core (including memory address decoding) was consuming roughly 98% of the total runtime, of which sh4_execute_instruction() alone is ~50%. It's now down to ~96%, with execute instruction taking 73% by itself.

[0] We seemed to spend an awful lot of time in Mong Kok (external link) for some reason.

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