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Tue 12 of Sep., 2006 05:32 PDT Posted by nkeynes
Well, will wonders never cease - I've now got some _very_ quick and dirty transparent sorting code in CVS now. It doesn't support intersecting triangles, or loops, or even some straight overlap cases[0], but it _does_ do everything the BIOS screens need. As you can see from the screen shots to the right - these look pretty close to exact now.

For the sake of comparison - this is what the date screen used to look like:

Updated: VQ decompression works too now. ("I wonder how long this will actually take." "Actually, not that long"). The CD in the image on the right is the VQ texture. Note that this screen currently has some visual artifacts that aren't obvious in the screenshot.

[0] For now it's just sorting based on the minimum Z in each triangle. Hey, I _said_ it was quick and dirty. A more precise version is to follow in the future.


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