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Journal for Fri 08 Nov 2002

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Hello Ultra Jump #11. No Gunnm again though, damnit. Oh goody, yet another week of limited accomplishments... Linky goodness: [|Joel on  

Journal for Mon 16 Sep 2002

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[| Ultra Jump #9] Woot! [ 

Journal for Sun 22 Sep 2002

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~np~*groan*~/np~ I've been feeling bloody sick all day long, especially with the sneezing and carrying on... Ugh. Managed to somehow make it through my tutorial, but went home pretty much straight aft 

Journal for Tue 08 Oct 2002

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[|Ultra Jump #10] New issue of [http://ultra.shueis 

Journal for Wed 28 Aug 2002

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Whee, more manga for me... (note to self: stop frikking buying manga until you read at least _some_ of what you've already got) 

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Nathan is a full-time software engineer and part-time maintainer of several pieces of open-source software that noone has even heard of (most notably lxdream and elr). His interests include programming language design, distributed systems, emulation, Japanese, and go.