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Save states, etc

blog post
I somehow managed to find some time during the week to work on a few things, so basic save states[[0] are now working. Also made the general structure a little tidier / more modular, although more nee 

Site tweaks

blog post
Whew, have just been going through the links and about pages and replacing all the dead links (and boy were there a few). Also have added an explicit licence to all pages ( 

some progress...

blog post
Render test case is kinda working now, at least for purposes of actually rendering stuff; assertions to follow. when I decide how I'm going to do them... I'd _like_ to dump the full image to file and  

Status update

blog post
I've been spending some time focussing on the rendering pipeline (including a [|crash course] in [|OpenGL], which is now at the point where [http://mc.pp. 

TA update

blog post
TA core is nearly ready to go now (although not committed yet until I update the renderer side as well). Outstanding issues: * grow list size isn't being set correctly, nor is it obeying the  

Test harness

blog post
I've successfully wasted a couple of days fighting with newlib and the dcload patch in an attempt to get it to build and run cleanly without KOS[[0]. Not that I have anything against KOS (it's really  

That's a little better

blog post
Boot splash screen Mk.2The rendering background plane doesn't seem 

That's annoying...

blog post
Apparently my math for the background was correct, but my GL-fu is not strong enough. To be correct, it needs to render with vertex colour clamping disabled (and only clamp at the last minute before w 

The GD-Rom

blog post
Started poking at this thing today. On the bright side the host interface is a mostly standard ATAPI interface (although the Identify-Packet-Device command returns a rather weird and not-at-all-standa 

Things can make more sense when they're the right way up...

blog post
Implemented the event queue yesterday (and it worked first time too, to my utter amazement). The PVR line events are using it now and are tested to give the right times, at least down to the microseco 

This and that...

blog post
Well I've coded a few minor improvements to hyperfiction over the last few days, the details of what's changed are documented elsewhere. I've got one or two little things left on my immediate TODO lis 

Tile Accelerator

blog post
I've primarily been putting together a nice big batch of test cases for the TA over the last week or so, with the result that I've answered most of the questions I had about it now, and will probably  

Timing issues

blog post
Turns out that GTK was actually taking a disproportionate chunk of the runtime... Headless version, running at 2Mhz[[0] sounds about right now and takes about 7% cpu. Oddly enough, s3mplay only runs a 


blog post
Been moderately busy lately, lord only knows with what :). In any case, I've been trying to finish migrating all the site content here into the wiki, mostly done now with the exception of the photo ga 

Untitled in E major

blog post
More ARM hacking. It would probably actually be quicker to write a lot of it directly in asm but portability... at least it should translate really nicely to x86 once I get to that point. Either way t 

Working holiday

blog post
Took today off to try to catch up on some coding. Implemented most of the SCIF module, which now just needs a few less important bits and pieces to be 100% correct[[0]. Also finally got around to fixi 
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