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Holy sweet crap on a stick

blog post
Okay, that's a _lot_ of pages we wrote on Sunday... not to mention a bunch of small changes to the system (biggest one was probably previews, followed by ratings). I'm not planning to do a lot more ha 

Journal for Thu 03 Oct 2002

blog post
Remembered to submit my JLPT application, and sort out some coms3200 business before heading off to the [|Tea Party] concert in [ 

Journal for Tue 24 Sep 2002

blog post
Wrote up some test cases and fixed a weird timeout bug, should be ready to go now, just need to get Ricky et al to look over it to make sure everything's there. Still not feeling too fantastic, bu 

About me

Nathan is a full-time software engineer and part-time maintainer of several pieces of open-source software that noone has even heard of (most notably lxdream and elr). His interests include programming language design, distributed systems, emulation, Japanese, and go.