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1 step forward...

blog post
Picked up a couple of certs today, which added a few new tidbits: Alice Maud Mary Loraway (NOT Lorraway it seems) was born in [|Jersey] in the [http://www1.visitb 

Family Research

blog post
Spent most of the weekend up in Mackay working through more of the family tree. Filled in a few details here and there (visiting various people and cemetaries), including a few new bits we didn't prev 

Family tree

blog post
I've been working recently on hacking up a report for [|Gramps] to do basically a descendant graph but showing spouses as well. It's basically functional now (modulo 1 minor issue 

More research

blog post
I finished copying the remainder of my notes from last weekend into [|Gramps] today, and starting trying to see what I could follow up on online. (as well as track what I nee 

Yay, finally...

blog post
Finally managed to track down the correct death cert for William J Crane. I give up on the birth dates - it seems to be different for every single piece of documentation I have (:neutral:). To sum up, 

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Nathan is a full-time software engineer and part-time maintainer of several pieces of open-source software that noone has even heard of (most notably lxdream and elr). His interests include programming language design, distributed systems, emulation, Japanese, and go.