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*pokes blog*

blog post
Wow... that's a long time since the last update. Personally I blame [|Puzzle Quest]. Lately I've been working on resurrecting the old parser generato 

Elr 0.5 released

blog post
I've released a dev version of elr (dubbed 0.5). It builds, installs, seems to work, but isn't very tested and is missing a few rather important features (such as meaningful diagnostics). Still, it's  

ELR 0.5.1 released

blog post
to deafening silence (:cool:). This version features a couple of minor fixes and a bunch of usability improvements. The biggest change was probably support for some primitive typing across default red 

Elr 0.5.2 released

blog post
There's a couple of minor tweaks plus some basic C++ support - get it at the ((Elr)) page, as always. This will probably be the last release for a little while as I'm working more heavily on the binar 

ELR 0.5.3 released

blog post
I've got to stop doing point releases... (:lol:) There's a couple of fairly important bug fixes in this one, along with a couple of minor usability features. Full changelog is ((Elr|here)) as always.  

About me

Nathan is a full-time software engineer and part-time maintainer of several pieces of open-source software that noone has even heard of (most notably lxdream and elr). His interests include programming language design, distributed systems, emulation, Japanese, and go.